We know that a tour to Israel is a big commitment of time and finances. We at Koinonia Institute are convinced that there is nothing that will change your walk with the Lord more than walking The Land.

Below are testimonies of that truth:

Our tour to Israel was by far the best trip of my life and I have done a LOT of traveling. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you but so many things about the trip affected us in so many ways that I can’t begin to express them all to you effectively. I will tell you that Dan, Jane and Sharon are a dynamic trio! You each have invaluable gifts you bring to the table. Dan was so effective in his message at each selected site that toward the end of the trip I would just joke with him “you were showing off again weren’t you?”
— Jack, Idaho

Gil and I fondly remember our Issachar I trip that we had the privilege of taking last November. We especially appreciated seeing Tel Dan, En Gedi, David’s City, and our visit as guests to the Knesset, Ramat David Air Force Base and the IDF army base has been indelibly imprinted on our minds. We will never, ever forget our tour. We only wish we could take the tour again!
— Gil, Colorado

Recently I enjoyed the Berean Tour led by Dan and Sharon Stolebarger. What a trip! Absolutely brilliantly organized by Sharon and two fantastic tour guides.

Ivan & I completed all three parts of the 2012 Israel Tours. This has proven to be one of the highlights of our lives. Dan and Sharon are just the right people to tour Israel with. Sharon has the organizing part down pat that ensure stress-free travelling. Dan’s teaching comes from his heart; that combined with the impact of being in this Holy Land spoke deep into my spirit. The relationships they have built with the people in Israel is so special that we felt we also were included in these special friendships. Don’t hesitate—do the tour. We are planning to return.
— Lyn, Australia

My husband and I have done 2 work/study tours with Dan and Sharon and the Jesus Trail hike. We love Dan’s teaching and insight into the real Israel, not the one you hear about on the news. Spending time with Dan in Israel under his teaching you see his love for Israel and its people and you come away with some of that love too! With Dan you don’t just tour, work or hike. Dan brings you into a true understanding of where you are and encourages you to deepen your relationship with our Lord. He prepares you for the day by challenging you to read scriptures of where you will be going. (Yes sometimes he gives homework!) But that is what makes his trips special. You come away changed, loving the Land like Dan does and the way our Jesus does!!!
— Terry, Texas

My wife and I were on the bus with Dan Stolebarger as our leader. And what a leader he was! Every day he methodically reviewed the itinerary for the day, prayed for us daily, and encouraged us to spend time with Jesus and to meet with Him each day. Also, a highlight for us during the trip was Dan’s teaching at strategic times and places during the tour. Dan is a very gifted teacher/preacher, knows his Bible intimately, and prepares each message meticulously just for the moment and place we were! Dan was very approachable during the trip if there was a problem or a special request. He was truly a shepherd of his flock! We loved being on this trip, and want to take more trips with Koinonia.
— Nick and Nancy, Texas

What a blessing it is to travel in Israel with believers. How you go through the land is as important if not more than just being there. I know—I was in Israel long ago and didn’t feel any need to return. However, I signed up for the tour for November 2011. Part of my preparation was to take the Joel and Israeli Eschatology class taught through KI by Dan Stolebarger. What an incredible blessing that was—his love and heart for Israel and the people is just contagious. I went on the Jesus Trail hike in 2012 with Dan, Sharon, and Jane and 16 other wonderful people. This was what my heart was looking for—I had head knowledge, but this was heart knowledge. I recommend any trip that you can take with KI. Dan and Sharon love the Land and the people and our Lord Jesus—what more is there!?!?
— Ann, Washington

Taking the Berean Tour with Dan Stolebarger was an incredible blessing. Around the historical sites, Dan brought God’s promised land to life by teaching practical lessons just as Jesus must have done to his disciples. Through Dan’s teachings, I really began to understand how and why Jesus used so many practical illustrations of the surrounding landscape. I now see the bible, especially the four gospels, in vivid color.

The Berean Tour exceeded our expectations in every way. We didn’t expect the daily blessings that we got each day from Dan Stolebarger. Dan would share his heart and biblical insights each day as we visited each site. What an incredible blessing!
— Kirby, Alabama

We have just completed the 2012 Berean Tour of Israel and have come away with so many memories it is hard to list them all. However one is worth a mention—that of the many times our tour leader Dan Stolebarger put “where we were” into perspective. After our re-dedication by Dan in the Jordan River, and while we were still in the water, he said “Just look around, look around and you will never forget this place”. He was right, we will never forget that place and his insight.
— Trevor, New Zealand

For those of you considering one of the KI Israel tours, we are pleased to offer our unreserved endorsement of their quality. The tour provided an outstanding experience for us, with a spiritual blessing that we are convinced could not have been effected had Dan Stolebarger not been one of the leaders. It goes without saying that Chuck Missler is inarguably one of the best Bible teachers in the world. However, our opinion is that Dan Stolebarger is an incomparable spiritual leader. During the tour, he continually focused us on the true reason and purpose for our visit to the Holy Land, and that is to better know our Lord and to experience His presence. Without Dan’s leadership and guidance, we simply would have missed out on what proved to be one of the greatest blessings of our lives.
— Doug and Marlene, Idaho

When we arrived at the Tel Aviv airport and met Dan and Sharon, we knew we were in for a wonderful, organized tour. At the first nights orientation, we were told all of the tour guides and bus drivers were handpicked so we had the best available. We were definitely not disappointed. On our first day of the tour we were privileged to experience our first of daily Bible teaching led by Dan. From the moment he started to speak, we realized we were blessed by a man who truly has a heart for the Lord, has had many years of Pastoral experience and was very knowledgeable on the subjects he was teaching. We looked forward to the special times daily when Dan would teach us the deeper meanings in God’s Word. If we have another opportunity to go back to Israel, we will definitely sign up for another one of KI’s tours lead by Dan and Sharon.
— Jim and Brenda, Idaho

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