Look for both our Issachar Tour and Revelation – The Seven Churches Tour for Fall 2014. Details forthcoming.

The Berean Tour
With a Post-Tour Extension: Petra

Led by Dan Stolebarger

The Berean Tour: March 23–31, 2014
Petra: March 31–April 4, 2014

Dan Stolebarger gives a brief overview of the upcoming KI Israel Tours.

We invite you to join with us as we celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Yeshua, the great I AM, in Israel. We will walk together where Jesus walked. We will pray where He prayed and we will share fellowship together in His amazing land. As we journey through The Land, an integral part of our experience is both worship as well as our time spent giving back to Israel by working at the IDF Base. The imagery of the Holy Land will stay with you the rest of your life.

Spend time on the Sea of Galilee, the Garden Tomb, the Old City, the Garden of Gethsemane and oh so much more. Come with us. Meet Jesus in a way that you have never before experienced!

Israel photos

As soon as your feet hit the ground you will know that you are in a very special place, a land which Jesus called home!

On your first night you will stay in the modern city of Tel Aviv. Your hotel will be right on the Mediterranean and

you will have a wonderful view of the ancient seaport of the biblical city of Joppa. Make sure you dip your toes in the Med and stroll the boardwalk.

From Tel Aviv we will be making our way to the city of Tiberias, located on the southwest tip of the Sea of Galilee. On our way from Tel Aviv to Tiberias we will be visiting the ancient port of Caesarea.

From here we will be cutting across the Valley of Jezreel,

also known as the Valley of Armageddon. As we cross this infamous valley, you will see both the ancient Tel of Megiddo as well as the famed Mount Carmel.

At the eastern end of the valley we will be able to have an overlook of Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus, as we continue heading up to Mt. Precipice. From there we arrive “home” for the night—The Galilee!

While in the Galilee you will be able to see the Mount of Beatitudes, the ancient city of Capernaum, take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and for those led by the Lord, you can be baptized in the waters of the Jordan.

After three nights and a lifetime worth of memories in the arena from where Jesus called eleven of His twelve disciples, we leave for the wastelands of the Judean desert. As we head south following the Jordan River, we come to the incredible ruins of Bet Shean where we will see one of the greatest archaeological digs in all of Israel.

As we continue southward, we will drive by the ancient city of Jericho as we make our way down to the lowest geographical point on the earth’s surface—the Dead Sea. Here we’ll rest and recharge our batteries overnight and will be given the opportunity to “mud up” and go for a float. While we are here in the desert, we will have the opportunity to visit Qumran, En Gedi and the ancient mountain fortress of Masada.

The next morning we will begin our ascent to the City of Gold—the city of Jerusalem. The sites, smells and sounds

of Jerusalem will stay with you forever. Our time here will include: The Mount of Olives, The Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall in the Old City, the Garden of Gethsemane, the City of David, Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Museum), and all of this will conclude at a place called Calvary and a visit to a Garden Tomb that is still empty!

This trip will change the way you read your Bible because from now on the words are no longer just black and white letters on a page; now they become memories that are in living color!

Optional Post-Tour Extension: Petra

March 31–April 4, 2014

This trip allows you to have the unique experience of visiting THE MED, DEAD & RED SEAS

PETRA: The Bible is clear that during the Tribulation period, God will provide a refuge in Bozrah (see Isaiah 63, Daniel 11:41, Micah 2:12 and Jeremiah 49:13-14). Many believe this will be the location for those who heed the words of Jesus found in Matthew 24. Petra is an amazing site; one you won’t want to miss.

JERASH: A close second to Petra on the list of favorite destinations in Jordan is the ancient city of Jerash, which boasts an unbroken chain of human occupation dating back more than 6500 years. It is often referred to as “A ROME away from ROME!”

Jerash was hidden for centuries in the sand until being excavated and restored over the past 70 years. It reveals a fine example of the grand, formal provincial Roman urbanism that is found throughout the Middle East.

EILAT: At the southernmost tip of Israel, located on the blue waters of the Red Sea, is the resort city of Eilat. One can literally look into Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt from this city.


We know that a tour to Israel is a big commitment of time and finances. We at Koinonia Institute are convinced that there is nothing that will change your walk with the Lord more than walking The Land.

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